The event UN TUFFO NELLA STORIA® (A DIVE INTO HISTORY) arrive in 2024 at the XX Edition!

Every year at the end of August/beginning of September a calendar of events is drawn up which includes visits to the installations of the battlefields of the Passo del Giogo (on Monticelli and Monte Altuzzo) during which reconstruction events take place – through re-enactment* —  of the firefights of September 12-18, 1944. The narrative on the site of the clashes between Americans and Germans is enriched by pyrotechnic effects and scenography reconstructed starting from detailed historical research.

We look forward to seeing you on 31 August and 1 September 2024 at the Giogo Pass!

* As re-enactment we mean historical re-enactment for educational and entertainment purposes in which history enthusiasts and volunteers wear uniforms and costumes recreating a specific event linked to a fact that actually happened. The intent is philological; that is, to recreate the events by researching the equipment, uniforms, weapons used and installations used during the re-enactment.

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Discover the museum, pay your respects at the war memorials, explore the bunkers and visit the battlefield.

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Museum Visit: 5.00 Euro - Guided Museum Tour: 8.00 Euro - Guided Museum and Battlefield Tour: 12.00 Euro